Friday, 6 March 2015


 Hi Today I have Made are DLO About My Dads Birthday Tomorrow 07.03.15 I've Made
this because part of me miss him and part of me loves him and thinks that hes here.


Willy I said...


This is such a great way to commemorate your dad's birthday. I knew him, a couple times, with my dad, but you were always there to interrupt when I would almost talk to him.

Still remember that time I crossed Tripoli Road. Cars were zooming, then I came onto the other side of the road, and saw your dad, smiling at me, giving a glimpse.

Then there was you laughing at me.

God Bless your Dad, Paterita.


Justine May said...

It's beautiful that you're commemmorating your Dad's birthday like that Paterita. I know he is very proud of you. You're an amazing young lady. :)

Paterita said...

thank you Willy I love your comment it is great to show how you and my dad were bestys that is wonderful thank you

Amelia said...

Hi paterita,
Nice gift to your dad.
I bet your dad is very missing you now.
By your three main best friends.
NITA,AMELIA and Ajani.

Raechal said...

Hey Paterita

I wish your dad happy birthday I hope he has a great day. I heard your dad was a lover of Bob Marley music I LOVE BOB MARLEY MUSIC!

God Bless.

Iasinita Taue said...

Hi Paterita I know this is not the right time to say this because it is past you dads birthday but I just wanted to say a big happy late birthday to your dad and I wish him and your family to become a happier family in the future
xoxoxo p.s

God Bless your dad and your family!!


Iasinita Taue said...
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