Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Accenture Hour of Code

Our Trip to Accenture

Today a group of us went on a trip to Accenture for our ICT Trip.When we arrived we had a few snacks before we got introduced.  For the rest of our trip we stayed in a room called Atutahi and in that room we played our coding games and learned more about Hour Of Code. We got introduced to Karl (main Presenter), Dan, Dimple,  Sid (Tech Pro), Breahna, Mark (Virtual Reality) & Emma.  We also had the chance to introduce ourselves following with this question "What do you want to do after school?".

Later on we were on a Skype call with Timoti.  He introduced himself and told us many things of what he did during his journey of being in a cool company like this. He was in Sydney for a conference which was why he couldn't make it for us to meet him in person.We also found out something so cool about him is that he said a speech in front of two thousand people which from my opinion that's pretty cool.

While we were playing our code games, some of us were able to go into the Mclaren Room where we played games using Samsung 8 glasses thing. I enjoyed it and honestly I would love to go back and have another experience so that I could learn more things then the basics. I honestly enjoyed my time at Accenture. Did you know that the word "Accenture" comes from the two words Accent and Future? I was pretty shocked when I heard about the 2 combinations.Thanks to those tutors for having us there for most of the day.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Our Environment Mindmap

Today we learnt about how to make a mind bubble about the government.We had to refresh our memory from the beginning of the term on our projects we did,We had to brainstorm about the government and all the important things we did about our project.

Monday, 9 October 2017

My Neighborhood

If there was a new student that lived in the neighborhood they would feel nervous because they just moved in and haven’t met anyone yet.They would probably feel the same as me like being annoyed at all the fights that are always happening when a house/neighbor has a party and then starts up a fight and then the whole neighborhood wakes up because of their big mouth.The only good thing about this street that the new student would like is how we all get along even tho we hardly know each other. I remember my old neighbor they would always come and then we’ll go to the park behind our house and would always get in trouble all together but now their gone to Australia, It broke my heart they were the same culture their parents were best friends with my parents, we got along so well.I was allowed to go over their’s and they would be allowed to come over mine’s, if only they were still here.

In this Paragraph I had to imagine that a new student arrived at my Suburb and how they felt by using 3 words t describe how they thought or how they reacted. In the end it explains myself and my neighbors, even tho it wasn't in the instruction I just thought I would share a bit of my life with you.Enjoy and hopefully you will leave a comment. P.s The 3 words are highlighted.

Friday, 6 October 2017

My Favorite things to do

It is important to read during the holidays so we will remember what we learnt for our Subjects and also it’s important to write as well so that it can help us improve on our learning and also get marks during the holidays.But it’s always important to read and write so when we go back to school we’ll know what we learnt during our classes and that when we have our exams we will have idea’s on what we learnt during our classes.Reading and writing will help the brain capture knowledge about things you've learnt.On the holidays some people like to write about how there feeling through the days or school days,But some write about what there holiday has been.It because its a good idea to express how you feel then to leave them trapped inside and also because its fun to write about how our holidays are going.

In this Paragraph it explains why its important to read and write during the holidays.Also in this paragraph it explains what kinds of things we write during the holidays and why! I hope you that you get an Idea of what us kids write about during our free time and what its important.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

My Community

I think it means we the same but not the same , But No one is left out in the “Family”. We do things together like have fun together,share moments together,share the sad times together and many more things that some schools don’t really do that well. Tamaki is a school of supportive teachers and also supportive students,even though the teachers are the “Big” people at school , Sometimes they can break down and that’s when all the students do their best to help the teachers when they all feel down.The teachers and students have a great bond,even though sometimes students might get out of lead we still manage to get it through the bad times.That is what I like about Tamaki we always look out for each other.We might not be blood but we sure do share the memories together.We always have our gathering times together in the school Auditorium where we share our fun times.In Social studies we like to learn more about our ancestors ,which is a way we love to share our families paths.At Tamaki our family traditions are pretty awesome to discover,I mean even though I just started Tamaki this year i've learned more about the word "family" and many more things.We might not show this value a lot at school but we sure do love each other in a way.We might hate and not care about others but we still love each other some way.We treat our friends like our own siblings,we tell each other stuff,we cherish everything together with all our friends who we call our "Siblings". We also like to share our happy times together as a "Family" we love and cherish each other properly.

We had to explain why the students and teachers are called "Family" . Before we did our paragraph about it we had to brainstorm some words that meant 'Family',After brainstorming words we had to choose 8 and add them in the paragraph . Those words that are highlighted are the 8 words that I choose.Hope you guys enjoy this paragraph,have a safe holiday.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

My Bucket List

1~ To travel the world:
Because ever since I was young,I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world and also to experience what life is like around this world.

2~To graduate college:
I always wanted to graduate college to make those in my family proud and also because I’m the last one in the family to finish school and I would like to make them very proud.

3~To become a piano player:
Ever since I got put into the church band I’ve always wanted to play piano.In my spare time I would always watch Piano tutorials or covers on youtube and always learn from them.

4~Go to Paris with my friends:
It would be a fun experience to go with my friends to the place where “Lovers” Meet.But mostly because there are pretty good things there.

5~Bungy Jump of the Bridge:
It would be a good experience to Bungy jump of the Harbour Bridge in Auckland city and it would be fun to try it out.

6~Learn how to drive:
Once i’m 16 I would like to learn how to drive so that I don’t need to catch the bus or walk to the place that I wanna go to.

7~Save up for Christmas:
I want to save up so that I can make delicious treats for the family and also to spoil my mum because she means a lot to me and I don’t really know how to repay her.

8~To get a part time job when i’m the right age of getting it:
So that when i’m the right age I can get a job and look after my mum and help her out with the house and the family.

9~Spend more family time:
In my big family we hardly spend time together,the only time we meet is when someone is coming from somewhere around the world or when there’s a funeral.To be honest I would love to spend more time with this lovely family,some of the family has split but hopefully we’ll get back.Spending time with this family would be fun only if it wasn’t when someone died.

10~To meet my favorite person in the world:
I’ve always dreamed of meeting Chris Brown because he was an inspiration for me because of his songs that influenced me , just some of his songs.But I must try and do this once i’m old enough to travel and leave this country.

For this task we had to create a Bucket list of what we wanted to achieve or do in the future. These are my 10 things that are on my bucket list,hopefully I get to do all of them if not I can just add them onto my wish list.Hopefully you guys will enjoy reading my bucket list and have a safe holiday. :)))