Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tsunami Narrative

“One morning i woke up i heard lots of noise out down at the streets i looked out  my window and saw are big wave it was bigger than a big bear”.“I thought i was having a dream but when i looked in side of the wave i saw houses and when it was coming towards me i run as fast i had two choices  my 1st choice was to stay there so i would get flashed away from the tsunami and my 2nd choice was to run as fast to the mountain well the mountain was 100m away so i ran as fast but faster than a cheetah i  got to the mountain ”.I wonder where are my friends?!!!!


Amelia said...

* One thing I think you could work on next time is to use some figurative language

Amelia said...

* One thing I love about your narrative story is that you use your full stop and capital letters.

* My favourite sentence of your story is how you thought to run away.

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